Moral Education Mobile App for Parents and Children

Positive Character and E-Learning are all important development projects in recent years. Gentle Kids hopes to cultivate the golden age of values and positive attitudes towards life in kindergarten and primary school children through innovative learning and teaching.
Adopting a mixed teaching model, which enables children to learn and master simple truths and good behaviors that are easy to understand but hard to do through daily automated game tasks after school, while also cultivating their will to learn independently.

Teacher needs...

No enough time to get to know each student

Prepare interesting and engaging teaching materials

Tools for easy student management

How can Gentle Kids help teachers?

01 Mixed Learning Mode

Provide high-quality and interesting parent-child interactive learning experience

Daily Life
Interpersonal Relationship
Special Moment
Different Venues

Provides more than 800 moral tasks,

Through the diversified learning activity mode of doing tasks for rewards,

Encourage students to learn independently

E-learning provides opportunities for students to learn according to their own abilities, pace and interests. It can also transform abstract moral concepts into concrete learning content through multimedia functions.

How can Gentle Kids help teachers?

02 Digitalized platform

Help schools quantify the performance of 24 character strengths of students

Wisdom and Knowledge





Spirituality and Transcendence

Wisdom and Knowledge

Creativity, Dexterity and Ingenuity

Curiosity and interest in the world

Judgment, Critical thinking

Insight and Wisdom

Love to learn


Diligence, Hard work and Perseverance

Bravery and Courage

Honesty, Sincerity and Sincerity

Interest, Enthusiasm and Drive


Ability to love and be loved

Kindness and Generosity

Social intelligence


Citizenship, Teamwork and Loyalty


Unbiased, Fairness and Impartiality


Forgiveness and Mercy

humility and humble

Careful, Cautious, Prudent

Self-control and Self-regulation


Forgiveness and Mercy

humility and humble

Careful, Cautious, Prudent

Self-control and Self-regulation

Provide real-time and monthly reports to assess the moral performance of children

Let teachers easily track the moral development of students,

setting the next teaching goals according to their situation

How can Gentle Kids help teachers?

03 Reduce teaching workload

Provide interactive teaching materials for Chinese, English, mathematics, general and moral education

Online course


STEM education

Artificial intelligence technology help teachers address the learning needs of each student.

Customize unique learning programs,

which enables students to achieve self-directed learning through hands-on learning experience

Provides educational worksheet resources for various disciplines.

Reduce the workload of teachers in preparing teaching materials

Gentile Kids Upgrade Plan

We can come to your school to arrange a trial at any time

Basic plan

Gentle Kids School APP set

Monthly school report

student teaching animation

Parent Workshop (one session)

Five teacher accounts

Online system sending tasks

Upgraded plan

All basic plan features

General/Growth Studies resource utilization

(Educational Worksheet, Teacher Teaching Guide)

Online system to formulate exclusive teaching materials and tasks

Exquisite Gentle Kids Handbook

School teacher social worker account

Comprehensive promotion of interactive education

All upgraded plan features

Hard copy of monthly analysis report of students

Hard copy of certificate of commendation for students

expressing thoughts event in festival

Gentle Kids ranking board

Gentle Kids e-education corner

Experiential Parent-Child Education Workshop x3

School Promotion Q&A Parent Support Hotline