Gentle Kids App User Guide

Take care of your child with just a few easy taps

A Seemingly Complex Situation


Choose a Mission

  • Select a category
    Over 800+ missions related to different people and scenarios
  • Select a mission according to your schedule
  • Missions catering the needs of 4-9 year-olds

Send a Mission

  • Why?
  • Include moral-bearing stories
    Making it easier to explain complicated moral values

Receiving a Mission

  • Children will have 2 days to complete an accepted mission
  • Reasons are needed for rejecting a mission. Parents could then assign a new mission or reassign the same mission

Completing the Mission

  • Children could record their experience with
    1. A picture
    2. A recording
    3. A photograph
    4. Text
  • Press‘Submit’upon completion

Parents could then check up On your child’s performance

  • Your child would love your mission approval
  • Please approve within 2 days

Be a Gentle Kid